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Accredited specialist

Melissa Muir

Melissa has practiced almost exclusively in Family Law since 2006 and has been an Accredited Family Law Specialist since 2013.  Having worked in Victoria and NSW, as well as in city, country and regional areas, she has a sound understanding of the many issues facing her family law clients.

Melissa understands that relationship breakdowns can be a very stressful and emotional time for most people.  She therefore works with her clients to resolve their matters in a way that not only seeks to obtain an outcome that is in their best interests and that of their children, but which is also aimed at helping her clients to move on with their lives with dignity.  With this in mind, Melissa is therefore a strong supporter of forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.

Understandably not all matters can be resolved by consent, and as such, where matters do need to be litigated, Melissa has the necessary skills and experience to provide effective legal representation and guidance to her clients through the Family Court process.


  • Property matters, including taxation issues and complex legal structures
  • Cases with farming businesses and family businesses
  • Financial Agreements (“pre-nups” and agreements entered into during and after a relationship)
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Parenting matters
  • Relocation matters
  • Acting for grandparents and other family members in parenting disputes
  • Cases involving child abuse, neglect and family violence
  • Child Support
  • Same-sex and De-facto relationships
  • Divorce
  • Intervention Orders


  • Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) – College of Law
  • Bachelor of Laws – University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Arts – University of Newcastle
  • Diploma of Legal Practice – University of Newcastle
  • Graduate Diploma of Law – University of Sydney
  • Advanced Mediation Skills & Theory – Monash University
  • Collaboratively Trained – MELCA


  • Law Institute of Victoria
  • Maintenance & Property Committee – Family Law Section of the Law Institute of Victoria
  • Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia

David Brett

David joined our Commercial Litigation and Insolvency Team in 2008 as a Special Counsel. David has over 35 years of experience in litigation and insolvency. He is an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation. He is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator with the Mediator Standards Board....Read More

David ran his own firm for 15 years, providing a broad perspective on matters influencing dispute resolution. He assists clients with property, deceased estate, contractual and joint venture disputes, commercial issues, retail tenancy matters, and all types of insolvency litigation. David understands the stress and cost of litigation and believes in dispute resolution – not dispute escalation.

David established and chaired the Commercial Litigation Specialist Study Group for 17 years. He was the Chairman and on the board of the Specialisation Study Board of the Law Institute of Victoria for many years. He frequently presents at commercial and industry seminars.


  • Dispute resolution & litigationacc-spec-sm
  • Insolvency, both corporate & personal
  • Mediation
  • Company disputes
  • Estate disputes
  • Owners Corporations disputes
  • Commercial & retail lease disputes

Service Areas

Commercial Litigation, Insolvency

Mark Flynn

Mark is a respected property and commercial lawyer. He is an Accredited Specialist in both Commercial Tenancy Law and Commercial Law. Mark advises corporate clients on business restructuring and business succession planning issues.

Mark is Partner-in-charge of McKean Park Future Law Team. This initiative was established to anticipate and plan for changes in social, economic and regulatory climate. All our clients benefit from this proactive firm philosophy.

Mark joined McKean Park in 1988 and has almost 40 years of legal experience. He is actively involved in legal education and lectures at the Leo Cussen Institute and for other Legal Education Service Providers.

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  • Greenhouse issues, sustainable energy & resource developmentacc-spec-sm
  • Purchase & sale of businesses & corporate restructuring
  • Proactive business development strategies
  • Commercial & retail leasing advice
  • Tax effective trusts, wills & other structures
  • Superannuation arrangements
  • Information technology advice

Service Areas

Commercial & Taxation, Leasing, Rotary, Wills, Estates, Succession Planning & Estate Litigation