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Working together

We know that you need certainty when commencing a legal matter. Understanding what will happen and how it all works is an important part of the process.

Do I have to meet with you to give my instructions?

We prefer to meet new and existing clients in person at the beginning of a matter, to assist with the clear and precise taking of instructions, and at appropriate stages throughout the file. Afterwards many communications can be conducted via telephone and email.

Who will do the work on my matter?

The work is allocated to the lawyer with the requisite expertise and experience in your matter, unless you particularly require an identified member of staff to handle your file.

How do you charge for your services?

Most areas of law render charges based on the hourly rates of the lawyers handling your file and bill for the time involved. Some transactional work is charged at a fixed fee.

Do I need to pay any money upfront?

For some matters, we require a payment of a lump sum to cover anticipated professional fees. We always require payment of money upfront to cover large outgoings such as barristers’ fees and Court filing charges.

How often am I billed?

Bills are usually rendered monthly, but can be more or less frequent depending on the area of law and the level of work involved.

What are your terms for the payment of bills?

Bills are payable within 14 days of receipt.

Do you charge for payment via credit card?

No, unless amounts in excess of $5,000 are being paid.

Do you do any no fee, no win matters?

No, the nature of our firm does not allow us to undertake litigation on a no fee, no win basis.